What's up y'all!? Long time no see. 

Who is bad at posting and blog posts?

Anyways! Lots to share. Here's a recap. I'm a terrible writer. Don't expect much. Blah blah blah, I've said that a thousand times. So here is my best. I wanted to share what the heck has been going on! So we had a baby. We are moving to Texas. And I'm quitting the wedding business. 

Whattttt.. No. Okay maybe some of that is true. 

We did have a baby. Sweet Magnolia. See previous blog post. We are moving to Texas, little chaddy got a job with Chip and Joanna Gaines in Waco, Tx as a senior graphic designer. WE ARE SO EXCITED. 

And that thing about weddings. I ain't quittin' exactly but I am taking a whole new look on how I go about weddings. I've decided that I will be only shooting intimate weddings. What's an intimate wedding you ask? Well after shooting so many weddings, I've decided that I enjoy catching those tiny moments that I tend to miss running around capturing big weddings.  I care way to much about tiny details, like flowers and rings and shoes. I literally will spend an entire hour taking pictures of those if I could.  

Wedding days are hard. I'm such a people pleaser and beat myself up when I miss a picture that I know they wanted. So I'm going to see how I like much smaller, shorter weddings days. 

I know I'll miss them. I've been thinking about including a second shooter in all of my packages which helps me so much on weddings days and takes so much stress of running around like a chicken with my head cut off. If only I could bring my best second shooter to Texas with me! 

Anyways! I wanted to share my all time favorite engagements to date and not be a bad photographer and not post my work. Hope you enjoy!