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Perhaps +

Perhaps +

In home sessions y'all.

I love 'em. I love details in homes. It's what makes a home a home. Working with other creative people is always so stinkin' fun. Tami and Sophie are a mother daughter creative duo. Sophie is an amazing dancer while Tami is a historical writer and loves collecting antiques and past pieces that relate to her history.  The old pictures in her house were so mesmerizing. Pictures have and will always be such an important part of our world. They bring us back to people long gone and even a specfic moment in time. 

It's why I became photographer. Ever since I was little I could look at a picture and remember that day perfectly. a certain smell, the way i felt, even a song from that time period, everything associated with the picture. I love it, it's better than a memory in my head. 

Seeing all the pictures in her house was incredible. I was looking into the lives of people I didn't even know, but somehow, felt a connection with them. Throughout the session we talk about looks of creative things, but the word "perhaps" came up. "Perhaps" I can whatever I put my mind to.  

"Perhaps I can do anything, and I can be anything too."

Perhaps we can just take a chance and do whatever the heck we wanna do in life. I can dig it, perhaps, I'll tell my doubting self more often.

Chris Coleman Event +

Chris Coleman Event +

I never knew how much I loved event photography until this night. I am so inspired to take pictures of brands and artist that have a passion like myself. I am on such a search to create meaning in my work with authentic imagery. 

Like give me a brand that thinks they can change the world and do good, cause dang it, we need people like that. 

I'm hoping to do a lot more of this, so get ready! 

Chris Coleman, formally in the Band of Kings of Leon is an artist based out of Nashville. You can find more about him here: 

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