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Perhaps +

Perhaps +

In home sessions y'all.

I love 'em. I love details in homes. It's what makes a home a home. Working with other creative people is always so stinkin' fun. Tami and Sophie are a mother daughter creative duo. Sophie is an amazing dancer while Tami is a historical writer and loves collecting antiques and past pieces that relate to her history.  The old pictures in her house were so mesmerizing. Pictures have and will always be such an important part of our world. They bring us back to people long gone and even a specfic moment in time. 

It's why I became photographer. Ever since I was little I could look at a picture and remember that day perfectly. a certain smell, the way i felt, even a song from that time period, everything associated with the picture. I love it, it's better than a memory in my head. 

Seeing all the pictures in her house was incredible. I was looking into the lives of people I didn't even know, but somehow, felt a connection with them. Throughout the session we talk about looks of creative things, but the word "perhaps" came up. "Perhaps" I can whatever I put my mind to.  

"Perhaps I can do anything, and I can be anything too."

Perhaps we can just take a chance and do whatever the heck we wanna do in life. I can dig it, perhaps, I'll tell my doubting self more often.

Chris Coleman Event +

Chris Coleman Event +

I never knew how much I loved event photography until this night. I am so inspired to take pictures of brands and artist that have a passion like myself. I am on such a search to create meaning in my work with authentic imagery. 

Like give me a brand that thinks they can change the world and do good, cause dang it, we need people like that. 

I'm hoping to do a lot more of this, so get ready! 

Chris Coleman, formally in the Band of Kings of Leon is an artist based out of Nashville. You can find more about him here: 

xo, e

Best of 2016+

Best of 2016+

Here is just a few of my favorites in my first year of part time photography. I rocked out 30 sessions thanks to each and every one of you!  I have huge goals for 2017 which is pretty freakin' scary. Hopefully 2017 is just as good to me as I venture to full time photography. Thank you for the great year! 




I did a photoshoot with my sister-in-law and her best friend. I told them to dress and be themselves completely. The creative freedom was magical, especially getting to focus on details and unique posing. Enjoy!

Watch carefully, the magic that occurs, when you give a person, just enough comfort to be themselves
Do what they think you can’t

Mary Ivory Riché

Mary Ivory Riché

My favorite thing about love; there are no rules. There is no specific pattern to fall perfectly in love or how to love. Everyone has their own story and love comes in many variations. It exists regardless of everyone else's definition of it. Well, at least in my own world it does.

If there is one thing I know for certain, it is I love this woman. My Granny. 

And boy did she get love.  

I don't think I've ever met someone who loves as well as she did. She loved until it hurt. It's as if her heart felt everything you felt too. She also was everything that you associate with love. Patient, kind, genuine, selfless, the list could go on.

side note* If there is one thing to know about me, I'm NOT a crier. It takes a lot to show that side of me. But death will get me every time. It's where my faith gets shaky, that unknown, never hearing or seeing, or touching them again.  

Death sucks. But her death has shaped my heart in ways unimaginable. It was a blessing that was, as they all are, in disguise. Remembering Granny reminds me of the love that filled the room when you were with her. It reminds me to strive to be a better person. To love authentically, to be more patient, and not to judge so hastily. That is the kind of person I  was three years ago. I was sassy, I judged relentlessly, I was slow to forgive, and I was the first to hurt someones feelings. But I've come a long way. At least I hope. 

Thanks Granny... still looking out for me. I felt the way you loved everyone and knew that's the kind of love I wanted everyone around me to feel too. 

I will always hold every memory I had with her close to my heart. I will never let go of how she made me feel as a person and I will try my darndest to continue to emulate her kindheartedness and love.

While the pain still lingers, it reminds me that my love for her was real and I didn't just love her cause "you have to love your family." No, it was a love specially formulated between the two of us, in it's own shape without rules, and after countless memories were made. Those memories... I will always hold dear. 

Evergreens renew,
but time is like a thief that
endlessly eludes. 

special memories:

watching the golden girls, home alone and dennis the menace endlessly. 

homemade sweet mac and cheese with the edges burnt

her avoyelles parish accent of "i love you my baby" I can still hear her voice saying it. 

her trying to rock me  (even when you are 17 years old and way to big for that sort of thing)

fixing the "mountains and valleys" after she curled her hair

watching the hummingbirds outside her kitchen window

just to name a few. 


Mary Ivory Riché 

January 13, 1936 - April 29, 2013

New Girl+

New Girl+

Writing is certainly not my strong suit...Believe me when I say you will find a million and one mistakes throughout this blog. I pretty much have no idea when or where to put commas. Some of my favorite grammar mistakes include run on sentences, comma splices, and verb agreement. Just hoping for the best here people! That's where my husband Chad comes in. He likes to fix my grammar, so I'm glad he's my personal spell checker. (Yeah, he totally put all those comma's up in that paragraph.)

I started this blog in hopes of furthering my skills as a photographer. My goal is to see my progression of skill and technique with each post and to improve, improve, improve! Would I love to write something awe-inspiring along the way, absolutely, but no promises.